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Full Plan Route

Anyone intending to build, alter or change the use of a building is required to comply with Building Regulations. The first decision to be made is whether to choose the 'Full Plans' route or the 'Building Notice' route; the majority of building Regulation applications being by way of a Full Plans submission (the Building Notice route only applies to domestic building). If the Full Plans route is chosen then the following procedure applies:

Application Submission
The application is submitted in duplicate to the Building Control Department. This includes:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Duplicate copies of Plans (Scale not less than 1:100)
  • Location map (Scale not less than 1:2500)
  • Block plan (Scale not less than 1:1250)
  • SAP 2009 or SBEM Calculations
  • Estimated cost of work (where required)
  • Appropriate fee (application is invalid if no fee is enclosed)

Assessment of Plans
Plans are assessed for compliance with Building Regulations and any required amendments notified to the agent who then submits amended plans.

The application is approved and one set of approval plans together with a Notice of Approval are returned to the agent/developer.

Site Inspections
When a valid application has been received the builder may commence work. The Building Control Department carries out various inspections from commencement to completion. If the builder commences work prior to approval of the plans, he proceeds entirely at his own risk.

There is a legal obligation on any person causing works to be carried out to advise the Building Control Department at various stages so that inspections may be undertaken. Building Control will undertake any other inspections as are deemed necessary.

After the Building Control Department carry out the initial inspection, a fee will be raised for the total amount of inspection fee due for that particular project.

When the works are satisfactory completed Building Control will forward a Completion Certificate to the applicant which states that the work was inspected and has been satisfactorily completed.

The Completion Certificate, together with the Building Regulation Approval Notice, forms an important part of the document portfolio necessary to demonstrate to surveyors, solicitors and lending institutions that the works carried out comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations. Without these documents it can be difficult, if not impossible, to secure finance and/or effect a sale in the conveyancing process.

If you or your agent wish to talk to a Building Control Surveyor about your scheme before submitting it for assessment, you can do so by contacting the Building Control department 028 79397979 or buildingcontrol@magherafelt.gov.uk

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