Warning over product recall of Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Warning! Product recall on Sensor Safe Carbon Monoxide Alarm Model SF80190.

There is a potential safety issue with Sensor Safe Carbon Monoxide Alarm SF80190.

Test results have confirmed that these alarms may not detect levels of carbon monoxide and as a result have been taken off sale. All existing stock has been quarantined while recalling those already sold. These alarms have been supplied throughout Northern Ireland.

Anyone in possession of a sensor carbon monoxide alarm model SF80190 should stop using them immediately and return to the place of purchase.

The company apologises for any inconvenience caused.

For further information please contact the Environmental Health Department.


Campers and caravanners warned of carbon monoxide risk. 

Camping and caravanning are popular bank holiday holiday choices for some people. Everyone is reminded of the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning from leaving lit or smouldering barbecues inside tents or caravans.


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