Food Complaints

Making a complaint about food

Officers investigate complaints from members of the public about conditions or practices, which they have observed in food premises, and about the fitness or quality of food they buy or of alleged food poisoning.

The Department receives numerous complaints relating to:

•Microbiological contamination, eg. mould growth
•Physical contamination, eg. metal, glass
•Chemical contamination, eg. chemical taint, pesticide residue
•Complaints about hygiene of premises, eg. handling practices
•Alleged Food Poisoning
Food complaints may be sent for analysis to identify any foreign objects, which can help to establish how they may have got into the product. The process of investigation may involve contacting the vendor, the manufacturer, the authority with responsibility for food safety (the Home Authority). This may be a local Council or DARD. A decision will then be made as to whether or not there is sufficient evidence to justify taking a prosecution against the company responsible for the problem.

Telephone 028 79397979 or e-mail envhealth@magherafelt.gov.uk and someone from the department will be in contact with you.

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